BOM Health – Get Ahead of Component Risks and Maintain Supply Chain Health

Ensure supply chain resiliency and minimize delays with real-time component insights like stock level, lifecycle status, and lead time.  

Secure Your Supply Chain Across Quoting, Planning to Production. 

In today’s dynamic markets, effective management of component risk is essential for sustainable design and production practices. CalcuQuote's BOM Health delivers crucial real-time monitoring and insights into the health of every component from start to finish, enabling you to promptly adapt to changes and mitigate risks. 

Powered by real-time insights gathered from supply chain, this proactive solution identifies emerging component risks, helping you recognize and mitigate challenges before they interrupt production, and optimally allocate your resources.

From design to sourcing through production, BOM Health empowers you to manage risks and make informed decisions. 




Your insurance for efficient supply chain operations

BOM Health

Prevent disruptions

Gain insights into the overall health of your supply chain for strategic planning, design changes, ensuring resilience and maintaining operational continuity.

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Informed Decision-Making

Access comprehensive reports on critical component metrics like Lifecycle Status, Stock Levels, Lead Time, Supplier Count, and On Order Quantity.

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Data-driven production planning

Leverage detailed component insights for smarter forecasting, production scheduling, and proactive alternate sourcing.

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Identify issues early

Stay updated with automated alerts on component status changes. Address risks before purchasing and production are impacted.

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Integrate Into Your Processes

With BOM Health API, you can plug BOM Health into your ERP, PLM, or any other system or tool.

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Upcoming webinar: Proactive Risk Management for Securing Your Supply Chain

Join us for an insightful webinar for EMS and OEMs on how to stay ahead of component risks and maintain a healthy supply chain. We will guide you through the challenges and best practices in proactive risk management, streamlining your processes for greater efficiency.

US session: May 29th, 11 AM CT.
EU/Asia session: June 5th, 10 AM CET


What your will learn:

What Are the Challenges.

  • Sudden component lifecycle changes lead to obsolescence.
  • Fragmented supplier data creates sourcing inefficiencies.
  • Lead time variability and delivery delays affect production schedules.
  • Last-minute production interruptions due to unexpected shortages.

Why These Issues Matter.

  • Quoting becomes inaccurate due to fluctuating component availability
  • Disruptions in sourcing impact overall production and lead to customer dissatisfaction
  • Manual risk management consumes valuable time and resources

How to Address These Challenges.

Best Practices and Strategies.

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What our customers love about BOM Health

"BOM Health enables us to provide value-added services to our customers, proactively providing professional reports, collaborating with the engineering team in the design phase, and instantly checking a large list of component availability and identifying potential risks."
Richard Simmonds, NPI Buyer
"Cacluquote BOM Health monitoring is extremely intuitive and quick to use. It allows for me to provide my customers with a detailed health report on their BOM with the latest information from the top distributors. The value that we receive from the BOM Health reports is unmatched!"
Matthew Lund, Account Manager