Material Supply Planner – Keep Production Supplied with Efficiency, Agility, and Minimal Inventory. 

With a holistic view of inventory, component supply and customer demand, identify what you can build when for optimized production, inventory management, and cash flow.

Cook Up Efficiency in Your Supply Chain Kitchen

Just like organizing ingredients to prepare a dinner recipe, Material Supply Planner (MSP) helps you optimize your production strategically by leveraging your current inventory, checking market availability and finding smart substitutions to align your supply chain with demand.

Using real-time data from your ERP system and the global component marketplace, we provide you with a blueprint to show you what to build now, what to buy today to build tomorrow, and how to swiftly adapt to demand changes and order.

  • What can I build now? 
  • What can I buy today to build tomorrow? 
  • How should I adjust my orders for the future?
  • What is the impact of a demand change?

Optimize Production Planning & Break Your Logjam

View your supply chain icon

Full View of Your Supply

Integrates real-time data from both your ERP and global supply market, providing a comprehensive view of your resources.

Align supply to demand icon

Align Supply to Demand

Recommends optimized plan on What to Build and What to Buy, ensuring the alignment of supply and demand.

Efficient purchasing at scale icon

Target Your Spend

Leveraging CQ for systematic purchasing and routine work frees teams to focus on strategic sourcing, the right place to spend.

Reduce inventory and excess icon

Reduce Inventory and Excess

Prioritize existing stocks and leverage alternatives, reducing inventory and excess.

Maximize cash flow icon

Maximize Cash Flow

Minimizes cash tied up in surplus parts thanks to reduced inventory and timely production.

Boosted employee morale icon

Boosted Employee Morale

Streamlined and automated approach reduces routine work and improves efficiency, leading to higher job satisfaction.

From Bottleneck to Agility: S and Y Industries' Supply Chain Revamp with MSP

S and Y Industries, a premier EMS provider
specializing in PCBA, encountered significant
supply chain challenges, intensified by the global parts shortage. Implementing CalcuQuote's Material Supply Planner (MSP) revolutionized their procurement process, enhancing visibility across their supply chain in real-time. This transformation led to significant improvements in cash flow, operational scalability, and inventory management efficiency, while maintaining workforce levels.
Additionally, it resulted in increased staff morale and satisfaction.

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