Supply Chain Agility Through Real-time Data

The disruption caused to the manufacturing industry by the COVID-19 crisis has underscored the need to digitally transform. This is as true is business processes like quoting, procurement and stock control, as it is on the factory floor. Real-time data delivers visibility to assess supply chain disruptions as they happen, and the ability to respond with agility and speed. Digitally enabled companies have been faster to respond and most able to maintain business and respond to the challenges faced.

This webinar shares a vision of a digitally transformed future where real-time data simplifies and automates the entire procurement process. Both CalcuQuote and Digi-Key Electronics share the tools their customers are using to deliver better outcomes, greater agility and a more resilient process.

What you can expect:

  • How Digi-Key views the future of supply chain
  • How the suite of APIs accelerate the need for digital transformation
  • Adoption of digital transformation
  • Supply chain disruption and COVID-19
Partner Series_DigiKey