CalcuQuote can host your ERP!

We focus on your systems so you can focus on manufacturing.

What does "Managed Hosting Service" mean? It means that all you need to do is have an internet connection, open up your computer and run your ERP software. We'll take care of the rest (security, backups, performance, updates, etc.).

For a limited time, we're offering this service at $1,000 setup cost + $150/month.

More Value

CalcuQuote leverages its existing enterprise software infrastructure to provide low cost, highly scalable hosting service for your ERP system using data centers and services from industry leaders, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Here's how you save:

  • No additional software licensing costs. This means you don't have to spend money on Windows Server, SQL server, end-point protection, etc.
  • No need for server administrator. CalcuQuote's trained team monitors the security, reliability and performance of your ERP. We take care of patches, updates, and more.
  • No wasted resources. CalcuQuote leverages resource pooling to optimize performance at peek hours and "right-size" during off-peak time. This means you're not being charged for unused capacity.

Less Worry

CalcuQuote already has first hand experience with providing a highly reliable software service. CalcuQuote will apply the same standards of enterprise hosting it does for its own web application (99.99% uptime) including  backups, threat detection, robust firewall, and more.

Here's why you should rest easy with CalcuQuote:

  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Encryption of at-rest and in-transit data
  • Detailed audit logging and threat detection
  • Real-time monitoring with push alerts
  • Automatic tuning of SQL databases using Azure
  • Enterprise grade firewall
  • 30 day backup period
  • Geo-replication of database (optional)
  • Load balanced web application for improved reliability and performance